Amy Porter, RCST® is a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist ® as well as a Biodynamic Lymphatic Therapist. She works with doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists to release pain and trauma from her clients’ physical bodies.

What I do

I track your pain.

I track your pain to where the injury originates. Your knee may hurt, but the injury begins at the hip.

I know first-hand what happens after a car accident or a fall. The usual pain meds don’t stop the pain. They don’t reduce the swelling. Knowing where to hold the body is the only way to drain the fluid built up in a joint. Knowing how to relieve the pressure at the joint because the bone has rotated, is important.

I understand when:

  • ​After a month, you still hurt!
  • Nobody believes you when you say, “Bright lights hurt my eyes and loud noises bother me” or “It hurts to think.”
  • You get angry, a lot. When you can’t do the same things you did before.
  • You get angry because your brain doesn’t work the way it used to.
  • No one understands why you get angry.
  • Why you don’t like to do the things you used to do.​
  • Everyone says, “Give it time” and you scream.

I understand because I was in a car accident. I did the cookie-cutter treatments to recover my range of motion and to reduce my head trauma. Nothing seemed to work. After six (6) years of struggling with limited mobility and head issues, I found my own solutions which included Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapies. From there I studied the lymph system. At that point, I realized how easy it was to understand how the body works by applying physics and geometry to the principles of Biodynamics.

I teach you how your body works.

My proven techniques will help ease your physical pain. I am able to teach you how your body really works as well as a little geometry along the way.

Amy Cook-Porter is not a doctor. She utilizes the information, x-rays, and tests provided by her clients and their health care providers. We do not diagnose, prescribe or cure.